Steal Your Grocery Money From USAID

By Spencer Ackerman

I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how my office’s pretzel jars and coffee machines can provide for my breakfast and my lunch. What I should have done is follow the example of 29-year old Felipe Sixto, a former White House aide in the Bush administration, to stretch my grocery dollar. National Journal reports:

Felipe E. Sixto, 29, who was an associate director at the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, also spent $50,000 on groceries and restaurants, paid $142,000 to family members, and used $82,000 for a mortgage payment and another $19,000 for medical bills, the documents show. The detailed spending was listed in a 26-page memorandum seeking leniency filed by Kathleen E. Voelker, a Washington lawyer representing Sixto. She said that Sixto had made restitution to the Center for a Free Cuba, or CFC, a nonprofit that promotes democracy in Cuba.

In December, Sixto pleaded guilty to stealing $579,247 in U.S. Agency for International Development funds from the CFC. He is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

According to a quick Nexising, this asshole was only at the White House from July 2007 to March 2008 — not a lot of time to do much to damage Cuba policy, but plenty of time to steal money from USAID.


2 responses to “Steal Your Grocery Money From USAID

  1. Martin Sovik

    If that’s not bad enough, what in the world was USAID funding this operation for? Take a look at their website, and click on “about us” and tell me they do anything that might border on economic development or feeding people. Unfortunately, my question was rhetorical, subverting funds meant for one purpose to use for something else is a common event in large bureaucracies, governmental, corporate, and non-profit. I’ve seen it in all three.

  2. Helena Montana

    Sterling characters, those Bushies. Every time my blood pressure rises at the ineptness and incompetence of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, I force myself to remember the way things were under the Bush junta just 3 months ago. How quickly I forget.

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