Girl Scout Cookies Go Upscale

by Ben Miller

NotionsCapital (via Bitten) has a great post up talking about how several celebrity chefs have been using girl scout cookies in gourmet recipes, since the cookies are both local (you can only buy them from neighborhood kids) and seasonal (you’re out of luck if you want Samoas in December).

The blog also has a list of some of the recipes chefs are making that include Girl Scout cookies, including D.C.’s José Andrés, who is offering citrus gelatin with fresh fruit and Dulce de Leche cookies.

Personally, my only “recipe” for Girl Scout cookies is take Thin Mints, put in freezer and enjoy. But I currently have about a half box each of Samoas and Thin Mints if anyone has any recipes that include them that they want to share in the comments.


5 responses to “Girl Scout Cookies Go Upscale

  1. Frozen thin mints … mmmmm.

  2. My recipe for your Thin Mints involves you putting them in my freezer.

  3. @Kriston I’ve seen you devour an entire box in one sitting, no way I’m letting you near my thin mints

  4. i think it is unfortunate that fine chefs would use such poor quality cookies in creating their recipes.
    the dulce de leche cookie ingredients contain “six” different artifical food colorings….that is about as much as a saturday watercolorist’s paintbox.
    the girl scouts should do better than this for the millions of children eating their cookies.
    even many of the worst commercial cereals in the children’s markets have given up artificial coloring.

    see for yourself.
    dont you think they have a responsibility to be producing healthier cookies?

  5. actually, there seems to be some confusion on the listing of artifical colors….but they have added more than enough, anyway.
    and for well-meaning parents, who choose the sugar-free chocolate chip cookies, that list of ingredients states that eating an excessive number of the cookies may have a laxative effect.
    poor, unsuspecting parents!

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