Girl Scout Cookies

By Kay Steiger

Girl Scout cookies are awesome. It seems, though, that in these recesssionary times, even the Girl Scouts aren’t doing well. Sad. My favorites are the peanut butter ones, usually called Tagalongs, although some places call them Peanut Butter Patties. Apparently the names are a regional difference that depends on the company contracted to make the cookies. What’s your favorite?


7 responses to “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. samoas!

    but i dont buy girl scout cookies anymore….they are really unhealthy cookies.
    selling a product that goes out to so many children…they can do a lot better, and show more concern for the nutrition of the children who are consuming them.
    if you go to the nutritional website for their cookies, you might also feel disheartened.
    if the girl scouts really honors little girls, they can do a whole lot better by them in 2009.

  2. The Samoas! It’s hard for me to resist coconut and caramel. Tagalogs are pretty awesome as well though.

  3. Ascetic that I am when it comes to sweets, my favorite is the trefoils. They’re great dipped in my morning coffee, and to the extent one is going to be concerned about the healthiness of cookies that one sees once a frikkin’ year, they’re pretty benign.

    My next fave is the samoas. Tagalogs are next, followed by the mint cookies as a sentimental fave.

    Some of the cookies could be healthier, I have no doubt. But Girl Scouts is a great organization, and when I buy the cookies it’s not like I’m force-feeding them to a child. I’m giving the money to a great organization, and keeping the cookies to myself . . . except, of course, for the cookies I donate to soldiers overseas, who are entitled to eat all the frikkin’ samoas they want.

  4. selling a product that goes out to so many children…they can do a lot better, and show more concern for the nutrition of the children who are consuming them.

    This strikes me as an odd complaint. They’re COOKIES, for crying out loud. Everyone knows cookies are loaded with sugar and fat (that’s their nature), and that’s why they are best enjoyed in moderation.

    Or, as Cookie Monster now tells us, “A cookie is a sometimes food.”

  5. i spend a lot of time with children, and it actually matters to me what kinds of cookies, cereals and drinks they consume.
    ……..i think that manufacturers of snack foods for children have a responsibility to create healthier products for them.
    things can taste good and not be laden with artificial ingredients.
    the girl scouts sell millions of boxes of cookies, and i think they can try harder to create a better product.

  6. in rank order:
    1. thin mint
    2. samoas or is it samosas? i can never remember. viva la revolucion!
    3. trefoils

    do si dos deserve a shout out, but they’re not as terrific. in the off season, when my cupboards are empty of GS cookies, one can still buy something similar to a do si do or trefoil. but the thin mint and samoas are irreplicable.

  7. minnette hedges

    Last year i brought mint trefoils from the girl scouts. I loved them (10 tins) I do not
    need the fancy tins; i just want the candy.
    why can i not just buy the candy without
    the fancy tins.

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