Oberon Arrives, Productivity Wanes

By Mandy Simon

A few months ago, Tom wrote about the decline of winter beer. Now, as the warm weather approaches, let us mark the return of summer beer.

Via dcbeer, Bell’s Oberon is back in DC starting next Monday. What does this mean to you? Possibly nothing. But to me? To me it means months and months of drinking my favorite beer on my porch, at restaurants, at bars, at bars with outdoor seating, in my backyard, in my friends’ backyards, and, the way things are going, probably in my office.

One of the few blessings of going to college in Kalamazoo, Michigan was that Bell’s beer garden was right downtown. Since Oberon is only available from March to October, every year its arrival meant that, sure, exams were around the corner but more importantly summer was, too. It’s a perfect wheat ale: light and fruity and, at least in Michigan, served with a slice of orange.

Drinking the first Oberon of the season is like actually being able to taste optimism. I’m pretty sure that if President Obama could bottle his message of hope it would taste exactly like it.

You should try it, ok?


9 responses to “Oberon Arrives, Productivity Wanes

  1. Midwest Product

    As someone who also went to college in Kalamazoo, I’m going to go ahead and be that guy and suggest that Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale is vastly superior to Oberon.

  2. Illandro Pebiblio

    As someone who also lives in DC and imbibed a fair bit o’ Bells at Kalamazoo College, I have to say that alot of my friends and I think that Oberon’s fallen off some in recent years, but it is still a very good beer. Looking forward to its release next Monday – thanks for the tip.

    Big fan of Two Hearted as well.

  3. John Voorheis

    Oberon should never be served with orange! That is an abomination. The orange completely unbalances the beer, turning it into a sticky sweet mess.

    And I see your Two Hearted and raise you a Hopslam.

  4. YES. Cannot wait for Oberon.

    MP, JV: Bells’ hoppier offerings are great, too (Hopslam is a little cartoonish for me, I’ll admit), but it’s not as hard to find a tasty IPA as it is to find a delicious summer beer that’s sophisticated but not exhausting.

  5. Hear, hear. The Oberon is so good that it’s greatly affected my opinion of Kalamazoo, which was already quite high based on the musicians I know who have stopped there on tour.

  6. The real Oberon would be proud to inspire such mirth:

    “By the dead and drowsy fire:
    Every elf and fairy sprite
    Hop as light as bird from brier”

  7. Illandro Pebiblio

    Another great Michigan brewery is Founders, out of Grand Rapids. If you guys like Bells, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I’m not sure if you can find it in DC yet though.

  8. There is one little convenience store over in Adams Morgan where you can find special seasonal imports far earlier than you see them arrive elsewhere. That’s the first place in the city that has Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale in the fall.

  9. We can get Oberon almost year round in Chicago and I think I agree with you that it’s best saved for – and savored on – that first perfect day of spring.

    Never tried it with citrus, but I’m skeptical. Last time I had a beer with an orange was a Blue Moon. Yech.

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