Soupergirl Soup

By Kay Steiger

Ever since I read about Soupergirl (I know, I know, the pun is on par with the rest of DC establishments) in Daily Candy I wanted to try it. My main hang up was I’m busy, I travel a lot, and sometimes it’s really hard for me to plan meals ahead of time. The deal with Soupergirl is this: On Monday she sends out an email with two soup options. If you want one, you order it by Tuesday evening and pay for it in advance via Paypal. You get your soup the following Tuesday, which you can either have delivered or pick it up until Wednesday at a few locations around the city. In other words, you’d better be pretty sure you want to eat soup next week if you order from her.

Still, it’s a pretty neat idea for getting homemade, rather than processed soups without the work of making them. I ordered a tomato parsnip soup (the Late Bloomer Parsnip Tomato Soup) last week and picked it up at Mr. Yogato last night. It was really delicious and hearty — and she didn’t even put any cream in it (she lists the ingredients for each soup)! Afterward, you can even rate the soup on her website and she composes little stories for each of the soups. Quirky, but delicious. I’ll definitely try this again.


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