Still Tasty!

does-that-mean-you-should_hangBy Ezra Klein

Justin Fox is an invaluable economics commentator, but I wasn’t expecting to get much in the way of food blog tips from him. Today, though, he links to, which may be my favorite web site on the internet ever. The creator is apparently a retired food expert with the Canadian government and the site is a comprehensive guide to my most frequently asked question: Should I throw this out?

In six minutes of clicking, I have learned the following things: You should not rinse chicken before you eat it. You should not eat pizza that sat out overnight. I should probably pick up the pace on my salt-packed anchovies. And you can refrigerate canned food in the original can. Thats six minutes of knowledge that will last me a lifetime.

(Image from here.)


8 responses to “Still Tasty!

  1. Quite possibly the best thing ever. No longer will I always have to err on the side of caution…

  2. if your slice of tiramisu falls on the floor....

    another culinary tip:

    there is a “five second rule” that is a well-known “rule of thumb” in the world of children.

    if food that you like falls on the ground, count to five…if no-one steps on it, it is perfectly hygienic and ready to eat!

  3. Aaron Bergman

    Cool, but the bread advice goes completely against my experience. When I was in Austin, I’d buy bread pretty regularly from Whole Foods (mmmm, rosemary sourdough) and it would last much longer in the refrigerator than on the counter.

  4. i love it. this has the potential to quickly settle many a disagreement between my husband and i.

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