If Gail Did This, It Would Be Neither Sexist Nor Insulting To Your Intelligence

By Spencer Ackerman


13 responses to “If Gail Did This, It Would Be Neither Sexist Nor Insulting To Your Intelligence

  1. With more than 25 years as an exec at well-known international ad agencies – I think I have some cred to wade into this shallow water.

    When the camera tries to sneak a peek up her dress or follow her bust line – it’s obvious the folks at Carl’s Jr. and the agency have no intention of trying to connect whatever food authority Padma had – but only to expoit her looks. No connection between what she does as a chef to the food. AND if she ate those burgers on any kind of regular basis she wouldn’t be in the ad.

    I like burgers and I like beautiful women. This does nothing for either.

  2. Ok – so I showed my left-coast food roots – it’s now hardees – oops

  3. Carl’s Jr. changed its name to Hardee’s? What, did they receive a bailout too?

  4. She’s more than just a piece of meat :(

  5. Really, ppl? REALLY? We’re talking about a commercial for fast food. Of course there’s no connection between Padma as a chef and this. It’s 100% pure commercialized sexuality. And I’m okay with that. Padma is a very sexy woman and hamburgers can be very delicious things [though I’ve never had this particular one or anything]. This mock surprise at teevee commercials for corporate food chains selling sex is silly.

  6. So, if she’s willing to promote fast food as good food, is she faking it when she cringes upon tasting bad food on Top Chef?

    Tom Colicchio does a diet coke commerical and Padma does a fast food commerical; Do these people have any credibility anymore?

  7. well, i spose she used to be a model so it’s pointless to really say this — but has she no respect for herself!!? this is degrading. and kind of disgusting.

  8. What’s wrong with diet coke?

  9. RSL – no “Mock” surprise – just a statement that they don’t fit, the commercial isn’t crafted well. As consumers we are the audience and we get to say what we want – how we like it, if it tickles our fancy or our vomit button. In this case, I said it was not a well-crafted connection. That it was blatantly appealing to the voyeur in some target audience and I found it stoooopid. If you are OK with it – then I guess you are in the target audience. How nice for you!

  10. dear everyone:
    padma is neither a chef nor a “culinary expert” as the commercial claims. she’s a former model who happens to host a show that has a lot of awesome chefs on it. proximity does not a chef make.

  11. Padma hosted her own cooking show and is routinely introduced as such, or as chef. Whether she has professional training or not – is unknown to me. Thus, while she may no be a ‘chef’ in the true sense of the word – indeed she is presented as such. That was prior to her current gigs as emcee of the Top Chef show and “skank for burgers.”

  12. again, idgaf how she’s introduced or how many shows she’s hosted: she’s neither a chef nor a culinary expert. at most, padma is a foodie ~ a dubious title at best. i do, however, LOVE the title “skank for burgers”, LOL. i’ll also consider “billionaire hunter”. :D

  13. I for one am still willing to be outraged by outrageous things. That commercial had me muttering under my breath while I was watching. For shame.

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