In Defense of George W. Bush

By Spencer Ackerman

Constance at Unattributable, writing about Barack Obama’s fondness for apples, brings historical perspective:

Reagan guzzled jelly beans by the jar.  HW Bush possessed an unholy fondness for pork bellies.  W Bush liked his pretzels and popcorn. Bubba Clinton liked everything.

Clearly Bush 43 was right. There’s something immature about a jellybean addiction and undisciplined about consuming whatever’s in front of you. Pork as a snack is intriguing but ultimately off-putting. But salted treats? Wonderfully filling and comforting. My office keeps a massive pretzel jar and, not uncoincidentally, maintains motivated and satisfied newsgatherers. The verdict of history is already reflecting well on Bush.


5 responses to “In Defense of George W. Bush

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  2. Pork as a snack is, rather like pork as anything else, awesome. Prosciutto (or, if pork belly is what you want, pancetta)>pretzels any day.

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  4. Also, on the subject of pork snacks , you obviously have not had the joy and pleasure of Latin microwaveable chicharrónes.

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