The IFA Happy Hour

by Kriston Capps

The Internet Food Association would like to cordially invite you to join us for a happy hour on Thursday, April 16. We will be gathering in the lounge at PS7, where space has been reserved from 6 to 8 p.m. for lovers of food and interwebs. Enjoy $3 flatbreads, a $3 beer special, $4 sparkling wines, and good company.

Speaking of sparkling wines, with the weather warming I have sparkling reds on my mind. Napa and Italy may sneer, but Australians take their sparkling reds seriously, and I plan to all summer long. The Rockford Black Shiraz is the best of the few I have tried, but at $60 to $75 per bottle, this 8- to 10-year is a bit pricey for the lazy, porch-oriented consumption I have in mind. A very fruity, very dry Black Chook can be had for just under $20 and holds its own over a barbecue or a night of stooping.

So! If you have strong opinions about the best wines for summer, you should come share them over a happy hour drink next Thursday.

Date: Thursday, April 16
Time: 6 to 8 p.m.
Place: PS7


9 responses to “The IFA Happy Hour

  1. Here I sit, at your precious happy hour, one week early


  2. PS7 thought it was today as well. I’ve been in the IFA-reserved space for an hour!

  3. I should point out that the PS7 folk were quite kind to me, and the arancine were tasty. Hope things work out for next week.

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  5. Australian sparkling shiraz is awesome. Try Paringa (available at Whole Foods for like $12) or Shingleback ($15 at costco).

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  7. Italians don’t necessarily sneer at sparkling reds…Trader Joe’s has a sparkling lambrusco that’s a bit sweet for my tastes but is definitely red.

  8. Love to make it if I can…I’ll have to try those sparkling reds!!

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