You Please the IFA: K Street Bagel

by Ben Miller

Speaking of bagels, I highly recommend checking out K Street Bagel, which is located at 2000 K St NW. They make their own bagels on the premises–either that or the gigantic stand mixer in the back is a great prop. They also have several different types of whipped cream cheese, including the all-important chive.

All in all they have the best bagels I’ve eaten in D.C. Definitely better than So’s Your Mom, which I have found to be inconsistent and often rock hard. The only drawback is that they aren’t that well located for aren’t open weekend bagel purchasing. Nevertheless, well worth trying, especially if you happen to work near there.

UPDATE: Commenter Worker Bee points out that K Street Bagel actually isn’t open on the weekends. I knew there had to be some sort of drawback.


2 responses to “You Please the IFA: K Street Bagel

  1. Heads up- pretty sure they’re closed on weekends.

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