Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Why Does my Roommate Make the Best Bagels in D.C.?

By Ben Adler
I would just like to follow up on Ben Miller’s post about making bagels by noting the sad truth: his bagels were better than almost any I can get in D.C. This is not meant to disrespect Miller, who is quite the chef, that should not be the case. His first batch was solid, his second a little uneven. But they were bagels! As in, they used the right kind of dough and were boiled, neither of which is true of most the donut-shaped bread that is called a bagel in D.C. The only place with legitimately good bagels that I’m aware of isn’t even in D.C., it’s in Bethesda. And if you can not walk to it, it does not count.

K Street Bagel, as Miller notes, has the best bagels within the District. They are OK. They have the right dough but not the hard, almost burnt, edges that I like. When I’m in the area, I get one. But Miller provided me with something I never experience in D.C. — a bagel when I come downstairs on a Sunday morning.


9 responses to “Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Why Does my Roommate Make the Best Bagels in D.C.?

  1. You shouldn’t be eating bagels anyway. Know how many carbs are in a bagel? Eat the lox, toss the bagel.

  2. If this blog is going to be talking about great bagels during passover, I’ll see ya’ll next week…

  3. I guess Miller’s got to keep making bagels then.

  4. I think our blog has been invaded by health nuts.

  5. i hope the spot you reference in bethesda is the georgetown bagelry (confusing name, but great bagels nonetheless). i work with them and must say their creations are true to bagel tradition.

  6. Where is this magical bagel place in Bethesda? *I* might be able to walk to it…

    The only place where I’ve found a semi-decent bagel in the DC area is at Balducci’s. I haven’t tried the Georgetown bagelry…

  7. Years later, historians on Livejournal will note that the beginnings of the IFA slash fanfic between Adler/Miller begins here.

    It will rival only Kimball/Bishop as the favorite ‘ship of foodie fanfic (foodfic) writers and readers.

  8. I’m a couple days late here but the place in Bethesda must be Bethesda Bagels. Hands down they are the best. Their everything bagel is the only one I have had anywhere in or near DC that has the right amount of toppings. Toppings aside, the bagels taste like bagels should taste.

  9. Why must you remind me of the wonderfulness that is Bethesda Bagels. Whenever I travel anywhere remotely close to DC, I find the time to stop by and pick up at least a dozen to cart back with me.
    I’ll be back to DC the second weekend in May and I just can’t wait. (So if everyone could just stay home that weekend so the line at the store isn’t crazy long I’d really appreciate it.)

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