The Tragedy of Cold Fruit

novelty strawberry-containing ice cube

by Tom Lee

According to Kay, Ben advises against refrigerating tomatoes, and of course he’s right to do so. But he doesn’t go nearly far enough. The ban on refrigeration should — must! — be extended to include all fruit.

Really now: who wants a surly, brown banana? A fibrous, frigid orange? A flavorless slice of watermelon that sucks the warmth from your teeth? One might assume that the answer is “no one”, but the sad-looking apples in the butter compartment of my office’s fridge say otherwise. I mean, really: apples? They’re perhaps the hardiest popular fruit in America — a fruit that survived the apocalypse! And yet there they sit, getting mealier by the second.

Whoever perpetrated this crime is a danger to themselves and others; they need to be stopped. Fruit privileges should be immediately revoked all those who insist on refrigeration. Exceptions will be made for grapes, easily spoiled fruits and high-ranking members of the fruitburo.


12 responses to “The Tragedy of Cold Fruit

  1. Apples should be refrigerated — they are placed in cold storage following the harvest and come to the store cold. The skin gets soft and the flesh mealy as a result of over-ripeness and poor storage and handling — not refrigeration, but warmth.

  2. Yes, yes. Bananas and many other fruits are also refrigerated to maintain freshness during transport and storage. However, once the fruit is at or near ripeness, or will soon be consumed, I think that refrigeration is a mistake — certainly it’s a mistake if your intent is to eat it at that temperature.

  3. i’ll agree with the sentiment, though the brush may be too broad here… a nice crisp, cold apple is quite refreshing…

    many berries are particularly tough for me. obviously they’re best right away, but the only way i know how to make strawberries last more than 12 hours is to put a tiny bit of sugar and lemon juice on them in the fridge…

  4. I would argue that citrus fruits taste much better cold. Warm citrus grosses me out.

    I also prefer apples chilled.

    But then, I’m a little wierd in terms of wanting things cold. I can’t drink water unless it’s close to freezing. I drink tap water but only after it’s been refrigerated for several hours to make it really cold.

  5. I vehemently disagree with you, sir. You haven’t known joy until you’ve eaten a chilled, crisp Fuji apple.

  6. What, no plums from the icebox?

    But, seriously, folks…I agree with the people above who like their apples & citrus cold and their berries room temperature.

  7. Grapefruit, watermelon,grapes-always.

  8. I just don’t know what to say to you cold orange consumers. Out of all the fruits mentioned here, that’s the one that mystifies me the most. They’re so much less juicy when they’re cold!

    I will admit to a secret shame, though: years of eating salsa that’s just come out of the fridge have led me to prefer it that way. Despicable, I know.

  9. Anything that ripens to perfection on the counter top to perfection, can at the peak be refrigerated briefly to retard spoilage.
    I often ripen tomatoes on the counter until they are ruby red, and then refrigerate to at least get a day or two more out of them.

  10. Cold apples are not only more delicious than non-cold apples, but there is just nothing to the claim that low temperatures make apples mealy. Anyone who has had a crisp Washington apple in the last four months (I had a great Braeburn this morning) can thank the fact that the apple harvest is kept in cold storage for months to maintain a continuous supply. If low temperatures made apples mealy then it would be virtually impossible to get a non-mealy apple for most of the year.

    On the other hand, try and put my strawberries in the fridge and I’ll deck ya…

  11. I am totally on the no refrigerator side. Growing up, my parents did, and still do, refrigerate nearly anything, from tomatoes to onions to apples to oranges to peaches, etc. Now, I refrigerate as few fruits/vegetables as possible. With berries it’s tough though, because they almost always go bad before I can eat them all if I don’t stick them in the fridge.

  12. Most delicious thing in the world: Cold Peach. Mind you, not frozen solid, but left in the fridge for a couple hours ;D

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