Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Why do Only New Yorkers Know From Matzoh Brei?

By Ben Adler

Being a parochial person I’m going to assume that because Spencer, who represents Brooklyn, knows what’s up with matzoh brei
and Ben Miller, who hails from Maryland, does not, then it must be because only people from New York know about matzoh brei. That’s a shonda. Ever since I was kid it has been my favorite thing about Passover. My mom was never one to make goyishe pancakes, bacon or waffles. The rare weekend morning that did not start with a bagel began with her thick, chewy french toast made with challah. The only other dish of that nature my mom made, and only once per year, was matzoh brei.

Simultaneously crispy and dense, matzo brei should be served in every diner. And then some diners should open in D.C. Put a little sugar on there, and it is superb. Yes, I’ve tried to make it myself and no, it was not very satisfying. Only my mom can make it good and she makes it better than your mom I bet. Same with her latkes. When I got home today, having not read the IFA yet, I asked my mom if she was making matzoh brei tomorrow. She is, since I asked. That’s how we keeps it real in tha En Y Cee.


7 responses to “Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Why do Only New Yorkers Know From Matzoh Brei?

  1. I just wanted to throw my two cents in support of the recent increases in this blog’s geographic rivalries, general shit-talking, and jew stuff.

    chag sameach!

  2. Matzo brei is not just a NYC thing. I grew up in Detroit and my mom made it for us every Passover. And my friends out here in California eat it too. Must just not be a Maryland thing.

  3. Speaking as a native Marylander who ate matzoh brei every spring during Passover growing up, I can assure you that it is a Maryland thing as well. Maybe it’s just not a Ben Miller thing.

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  5. I’m from CT (in Boston now) and first heard of matzo brei when I read Ruth Reichl’s Garlic & Sapphires a couple years ago (I’m not Jewish). I’ve wanted to try it since then and might finally be doing so this year. My boyfriend (who is Jewish and loves matzo brei) and I just picked up a box of matzo… maybe I’ll make it this weekend! It sounds soooo good.

  6. Don’t we have to now begin the debates about how to properly make (and spell) matzah brei?

  7. This is hilarious.

    Toronto Jew representing over here.

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