Read Beyond the Headline

by Ben Miller

Both Spencer and Adler have taken me to task recently because my post on how breakfast sucks on Passover does not mention Matzo Brei.

The fact is, I have heard of Matzo Brei. I’ve eaten it numerous times. (For what it’s worth, you’re joking if you consider it really all that great. If it’s so fantastic, why don’t you make it the rest of the year?)

But the reason why I didn’t talk about it was because it’s not a practical option given what I was discussing. My post was about how on weekday mornings I don’t have time to cook anything. I know it doesn’t take particularly long to make, but between making it, eating it, and cleaning up, is probably at least 20 minutes or so that I do not have in the morning. Hence why I wrote:

On the weekend this really isn’t too bad because you can just make an omelet, frittata or any number of egg based dishes that are both filling, delicious and bread free. But what about that harried weekday morning? I usually eat cereal, which is now off limits (the kosher for Passover stuff might be one of the nastiest foods you can buy in a grocery store). I usually end up settling for matzo and butter. Not the greatest, but it gets the job done.

I don’t see how Matzo Brei fits that standard. Also Adler, you may want to check the grammar of your headline.

UPDATE: Apparently I need to read farther into the comments  on the orignial posts, where I see Dara stood up for me.


10 responses to “Read Beyond the Headline

  1. I love posts about Matzo Brei, please keep them coming, forever!

  2. you should try being under employed and working from home Miller, I make eggs most weekday mornings

  3. Some of us actually got your point and did read beyong the headline. :)

    The follow ups were quite amusing. I want to see more of that on IFA.

    “Also Adler, you may want to check the grammar of your headline.”


  4. So for one week a year you can’t get up 20 minutes early to cook eggs? Maybe your exotic nightlife you should cut back by 20 minutes.

  5. If it’s so fantastic, why don’t you make it the rest of the year?

    Matzo isn’t always available the year round. In my youth I would want matzo brei as soon as the matzo rolled into the stores before passover and as late as could be got after passover.

  6. instead of cereal, during passover i like farfel with warm milk and sugar…

    there’s always yogurt and fruit…or a yummm smoothie…..

  7. matzoh with melted cheese on top is warming and yummy, with a few tomato slices.
    one of my favorites .

  8. It takes barely more time to make matza brei than fry an egg. Heat Pan. Break egg. Add milk. Add matza. Wait 1 minute. Put in pan. Done in 2 more minutes. Pan takes another minute to wash. Sure there are more complex versions, but this works quite well and probably takes less than time slicing cheese and tomotoes and heating them on matza.

    Alternatively, I’ve made a matza pudding which is sort of like a fruity mazta kugel with crumbled matza, eggs, many chopped apples, orange & lemon rinds, prunes, raisins, sugar, OJ, butter, and a few other things I’m probably forgetting. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare, another 60 to cook and then slices can be taken and eaten hot or cold all week. It’s not something I’d regularly eat the rest of the year, but it’s perfectly reasonable for a week.

  9. Last weekend I made too much matzoh brei, so I had leftovers for breakfast all week. It actually microwaves really well. Much better than my usual breakfast (bagels or granola).

  10. If it’s so fantastic, why don’t you make it the rest of the year?

    Come on, this could apply to any holiday dish. Do you also hate matzoh ball soup, latkes, hamantaschen, egg nog, etc.?

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