Vegetarian Passover

By Ben Adler

Although I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not the world’s biggest carnivore either. Gefilte fish, for example, which is basically fish loaf the way my mom makes it, strikes me as totally nasty just to smell, never mind taste. My cousin, who is a vegetarian and is usually not around for Passover came to town this time, so I learned a couple things about vegetarian Passover. First of all, artichokes are the perfect vegetarian substitute for gefilte fish. They are slimy, just like fish. And they fill that appetizer portion of the meal. But unlike gefilte fish they taste good.

Secondly, haroseth is great with hummus on matzoh. Thirdly, matzoh ball soup can be made vegetarian if you just put it in vegetable broth. My mom’s matzoh balls are perfectly round and light and fluffy, not like these mishapen, heavy playdoh things they have at Loeb’s, the fake Jewish deli in D.C. Finally, brisket is awesome and if you’re a vegetarian on Passover it sucks to be you because you’re missing out on that.


4 responses to “Vegetarian Passover

  1. Hummus? I guess you’re either of sephardic decent or pretend to be.

    I learned this year from two sources that artichokes work as the karpas at the seder too. Perfect for long seders.

    I have a weakness for gefilte fish with strong red horseradish. It’s disgusting to look at but oh so good.

  2. Yup, hummus is not going to be available to many Pesach-observant American Jews. Oh, but if it were…

  3. Helena Montana

    Artichokes are slimy???? How long do you cook those things anyway? Just speaking for myself, I’ve never had a slimy artichoke. Boiled okra, now, THAT’S slimy.

  4. A better gefilte fish substitute is chopped parsnip.

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