Spicy, Flavorful And Cheap: How DCNoodles Is Like Your… Sense of Humor

pg1_noodles_bigBy Spencer Ackerman

DC Noodles: they sell a perfect bowl of soup for $12. It’s achingly hard to find a fishsauce-based soup that features the kind of spice that enhances the flavors of the broth, rather than overpowers them or numbs your tongue. My bowl had wide rice noodles and succulent fish and crab dumplings bobbing around. A cheeky shaved beet garnished it. Again: perfect. Nose running, brow moistening, stomach settling. Wonderful with a glass of whiskey topped with champagne. You could avoid eating there — it’s only been open for six weeks; you’ve got business elsewhere; why take a chance — but it would be a self-inflicted wound.

There are a few things off about the place. It opens into a boutique for no reason. There’s a chinkee-chang-bang grafitti mural that Racialicious could elegantly deconstruct. But it’s a perfect bowl of soup for $12.


10 responses to “Spicy, Flavorful And Cheap: How DCNoodles Is Like Your… Sense of Humor

  1. In what sense is a bowl of soup for $12.00 cheap? (And I write this from the heart of Manhattan.)

  2. spencerackerman

    Yeah, fair enough. It’s a massive bowl though. I don’t know. It felt cheap to me.

  3. The menu says to add $2 for shrimp or seafood on all of their soups. wouldn’t that make your bowl $14, getting farther away from the “cheap” label?

  4. spencerackerman

    This is both true and joyless.

  5. They also deliver. Definitely gets my thumbs up, though my noodles in spicy soup weren’t that spicy, but still very yummy.

  6. FWIW, I had A LOT of leftover noodles. If we weren’t headed straight to Steadlady’s birthday celebration, I would’ve taken them home and easily had lunch the next day. To me, that’s cheap. Two for one meals are the height of awesome.

  7. True that, Mandy. I got at least 2 meals out of my noodles.

  8. $12? You’re getting ripped off!

  9. I know it’s been said before in comments, but I’m annoyed.

    $14 soup is not remotely cheap, not even for a fish or shrimp based soup. Maybe it’s perfect, but I’d take actually cheap and near-perfect over outrageously expensive and perfect almost any day (Except the day I won the lottery of course).

  10. Welcome to DC. It’s so freaking hard to find a great meal for less than $10.

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