Beer cocktails are ok. Fake beer is NOT.

by Kate Steadman

no-smirnoffEpicurious, my go-to internet recipe source, just made me take a second look at my inbox with an email imploring me to “Cheer up on Tax Day with a frosty beer cocktail.” No thanks Epicurious. I think I’d rather have a nice untainted beer instead. But their introduction to the list of the “Top 5 Beer Cocktails” dares me not to object…

Many beer enthusiasts, like oenophiles and Scotch lovers, believe in the purity of their drink and don’t welcome dilutions. Let them live in their gated communities.

And perhaps they’re right. They mention black and tans, shandies and Micheladas, along with a selection crafted by a PS7’s bartender that you can enjoy at our happy hour tomorrow night — a concoction of Miller High Life, ginger liqueur and juice called “The Cure” (meaning for the recession blues). Actually these all sound quite good (and I’ve had some of them before). Perhaps I can leave my gated community just this once.

Which brings me to something I’ve been meaning to blog — Erik of Top Fermented points us a new beer effort by Coors — get ready for this one:

I’m not a woman, but I feel fairly insulted by this on their behalf.

A quick snippet from their website, under the section “Shopping?”:

What if bars served beer in smaller glasses? What if beer came in sexy easy-to-carry boxes? What if it had fewer calories, would you feel better about drinking it?

Wow. Could we stereotype a little bit more here? Here’s a what-if: What if you didn’t portray women as objects in your commercials?

Shit, aren’t you just painting a similar picture with this marketing campaign?

“Girls don’t want drinks that are ICKY. Here, try this! It tastes like fairies!”

Are they really playing the “girls are fragile” card? They might as well be printing “Math is HARD” on pink fuzzy Hello Kitty bags.

I just wanted throw in some collective IFA-women’s weight on this one. I heart beer. We all do. You know what else? Several of us also love football (in fact the women football-lovers might outnumber the men on this blog).

Now, this new effort is being spearheaded by women. Women who say “We believe that the beer industry has ignored women for far too long.”  I agree.  But how about trying to market your existing products to women instead of creating new even more gendered products as the effort to fill this gap?

If you want a clear beer and want to market it to women, fine.  That’s gross, and I wouldn’t buy it, but please don’t use existing bias to continue propagating the idea that women don’t like beer and won’t unless companies make it more “feminine”.  As if there weren’t already enough reasons to dislike Coors.

Now excuse me while I go scrounge in my fridge for some not-gendered, wonderfully hopped bottle of alcoholic goodness.


9 responses to “Beer cocktails are ok. Fake beer is NOT.

  1. the only time i drank stuff like sminoff ice is when i was illegal and didn’t know better. (at that age, i actually liked that sugary crap.)

    now? i love a good beer. they’ve grown on me. and i would much, much rather drink one pint of a GOOD beer than three pints of the crap Coors wants to give us. not that I have any interest in most of what Coors and Bud sells.

    this closest thing to a girly beer I get near is framboise lambic. every once in a while, that raspberry enchantress is a delightful treat.

  2. I would also like to mention that none other than Ms. Chersevani herself (mentioned in the article) would be apalled. I once jokingly told her I was bringing Smirnoff to her house for dinner, and she not-so-jokingly told me I would not be allowed in the door.

    All the more reason for such a great selection for the IFA happy hour tomorrow…

  3. My understanding is that that new bar Policy has some great Smirnoff specials. Heh.

  4. Unless we’re talking Smirnoff vodka, I’m not interested. I admit that I like fruity drinks, but give me a Wild Berry or Coconut Lager over the sugary clear stuff any day.

  5. This is so sad. As a pretty massive manly man kinda guy, I love myself some Smifnoff Ice, Mike Hard Lemonaid, etc. Tastes great, less bitter and no yucky beer aftertaste. I think these people don’t understand their market.


  6. Are you brewing your own yet? I just made a delicious ginger beer. 5%, tastes like candy. A nice contrast to the Imperial stouts and Scotch ales I usually make.

  7. I love both sparkling wine and stout, but I can’t bring myself to try a Black Velvet. It just sounds like a waste of perfectly good Guinness and champagne.

    On the flip side, the one beer cocktail I do like is a Dark ‘n’ Stormy. It’s a combo of two things I don’t like separately (rum and ginger beer) that work together perfectly. I don’t care for sweet drinks, BEER INDUSTRY, and the ginger cuts the sugar of the rum.

  8. Hi it’s Kristy from BitterSweet Partnership, which is mentioned in the Top Fermented article. We’re based out of the UK so thanks for picking up on us.

    We are also big fans of beer, and we’ll be talking to all women to find out what they want from the beer industry – this does include women who already like beer. The clear beer you’ve picked up on is just one initiative out of many that we’ll be working on (others will include everything from different glasswear, to the drinking environment, and advertising)

  9. Here here… i am so glad to hear this sentiment outside of the ladies i spend time with from BeerAdvocate, because I know I’m not crazy, and I wish people would stop assuming i don’t have a palette.

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