But Where Are the Microbrews?

By Kay Steiger

by Flickr user Voxphoto (Creative Commons license)

by Flickr user Voxphoto (Creative Commons license)

Today DCist had a post on how DC caters to people who like beer. They outline some places you can order new concoctions online. It’s true that you get get a wide variety of beers in this city, especially if you’re willing to gamble on Brickskeller’s “selection.” I also learned that there’s a very active homebrewing contingent in the District. But one thing that seems to be missing in this city is the microbrew. Sure there’s, uh, Capital City that has all the appeal of an Applebee’s and the new microbrews at the Nats stadium, but with Old Dominion closing (which wasn’t even within city limits anyway), there are significant a lack of microbrews here in DC. Maybe, as Matt pointed out with liquor licenses, there’s a policy reason for this and the beauraucratic hoops you have to get through just aren’t worth teh trouble, but it’s a shame not to have a place that brews interesting new beers on a regular basis in the city. I love DC. I just wish one of the local homebrewers would think about turning pro.


8 responses to “But Where Are the Microbrews?

  1. I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for–beer that’s brewed locally, or microbrews more generally? If it’s the former, then you’re right–DC is lacking, although Cap City is better than you make it out to be and the District Chophouse and Gordon Biersch also brew on-premise.

    If you’re looking for just microbrews in general (as is implied by the link to the Nats post) then DC, while not fantastic, is just fine. Tons of places have Anchor Steam. I was at Stoney’s last week and they had Oberon and Arrogant Bastard. Allagash is usually available at Bar Pilar or St Ex. Etc etc.

  2. verplanck colvin

    Brewpubs would be a lot easier to open than a microbrewery. Breweries that sell bottles have to add a LOT of capital investment to get their bottling lines up and running, not to mention the added operating costs. You’ll probably also run into what the other folks rail against: the difficulty in opening any restaurant in the district. Take all the headaches from a standard restaurant and add more from liquor control boards, and you’re looking at real problems. Look for a homebrewer that procures permits for a day job, otherwise you’ll probably scare the rest of them off

    I read that Nats blog post, and I shudder to think how much a 90 minute IPA would cost at a ballpark. $10? $15? Wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. It’s true. I was thinking more of brewpubs than micr0-brews themselves.

  4. There is a new micro-brewery slated to open this fall in Falls Church, VA called Mad Fox Brewery. Outside the city yes, but the beer is really good (they currently brew out of a place in Leesburg) and sometimes a jaunt to the suburbs can really make you appreciate city living.

  5. Is the purpose of this blog simply to lament things that you guys don’t think are up to snuff? That’s what it reads like…

  6. RFD on 7th St. is a credible brewpub, and Brasserie Beck has a large enough selection of Belgian beers. For microbrews, don’t forget the Dogfish Heads in Falls Church and Gaithersburg.

  7. I’ve gotten very spoiled in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got several excellent microbreweries up here. Some of them even know how to brew porters and stouts!

  8. verplanck colvin

    bah, porters and stouts. give me session beers, belgians and harvest ales!

    Care to start an east coast/west coast brewing feud? I’d put Allagash, Dogfish Head, Brooklyn and Ommegang against whoever you guys can dredge up.

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