The IFA Grilled Cheese Challenge.

grilled-cheeseBy Ezra Klein

Did you know April was National Grilled Cheese Month? No. Me neither! Weird. We must read the same news sources. You know, I’ve often worried about self-segmentation in the media. It’s a real problem. Soon, everyone will know the same things. This, arguably, was one of the positive elements of local media monopolies…


But it seems to be true! And putting aside the absurdity of designating a non-Winter month National Grilled Cheese Month (This would only be appropriate if January was National Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Month), this seems like the sort of thing that might merit an IFA contest. Who’s willing to step up to my grilled cheese?


10 responses to “The IFA Grilled Cheese Challenge.

  1. I am! The best grilled cheese is one that uses just a few ingredients, all of the highest quality – fresh, local bread, creamy butter and one or two complementary cheeses (like havarti and cheddar). And don’t skimp on the butter! I’m partial to Organic Valley’s Cultured Unsalted Butter.

  2. I’m happy to be the judge :)

  3. I realized after I made a traditional grilled cheese from a cooking mag, that I don’t really even care about a sammich that is just cheese and bread.

    Need bacon. Probably tomato. Possibly basil.

  4. grilled cheese on a chilly night

    you are so right!
    it is absurd to make the month of april, national grilled cheese month.
    april should be bio~dynamic lettuces month,
    garnished with raindrops.
    best grilled cheese sandwich
    is pure and simple…..
    huge chunks of melted cheddar cheese
    (no growth hormones, and preferably organic)
    on crusty artisinal bread.

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  6. try the grilled cheese sandwiches at the Light Horse Grill in Old Town: simple and delicious :)

  7. When I make grilled cheese at home, I do something that many people probably think is weird. I use mustard–dijon is best–instead of butter. You do have to watch carefully so as not to burn the sandwich. As far as restaurant grilled cheese goes, I like the sandwich at Looking Glass Lounge in Petworth and the brie panini at Busboys and Poets (this one isn’t traditional grilled cheese, but the spinach and caramelized onions–not to mention the brie–make it so good.

  8. Can I expose my inner snob and say that my fave grilled cheese sandwich is definitely sourdough, humboldt fog chevre, and baked pears? Busboys has a sammie like this and I find myself craving it for days at a time.

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