Save the Chesapeake

It’s a cause made after our own Ben Miller’s Old Bay-filled heart. Blog for the Bay, a joint effort by Foodie Tots and The Arugula Files, asks fans of the Chesapeake Bay and the unique food culture it supports — a food culture that can be found in neither Texas nor New York nor California nor Mount Pleasant — to sign a petition addressed to the EPA. The petition asks Administrator Lisa Jackson to hold to a promise to clean up the Bay by 2010, which, by my watch, is drawing near faster than you can say Ravens football.

Blog for the Bay also asks bloggers to share their favorite memories of the Chesapeake Bay. Ah, the Chesapeake.

. . . yeah, turns out I have no memories of the Chesapeake Bay. One time I got a cut on my finger from opening a crab and got Old Bay on it and it really hurt, but I’m not sure this qualifies me for state residency.

However! I do have a lot of memories from Magic: The Gathering, and a memory of this card in particular:


Gotta say, though, that blue creatures are a sucker’s bet. Blue cards are best for a classic millstone deck, and so long as you are pairing blue with white you might as well pay the extra manna and enjoy a 4/4 flyer. All the better reason to save the Chesapeake Bay: It does not produce horrible monsters.

(And if you have time to read about magic, you have time to harass the EPA.)


3 responses to “Save the Chesapeake

  1. Horseshoe Crab, on the other hand, is a potent combo engine when combined with an enchantment to give it a tap ability, such as Fire Whip. Too bad it isn’t technically a crab.

  2. Never been to baltimore area, but I’ll sign that petition because you referenced Magic on a food blog.

    You exposed that giant crab’s weak point and attacked my geekness for massive damage.

  3. I can’t believe you posted a crab magic card; it’s my boyfriends favorite card game and when I showed him the post he was “all I have that card.”

    I’ve been held hostage many times by magic cards.

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