Continue To Eat Your Pork, Infidel

By Spencer Ackerman

Here’s a Centers for Disease Control factsheet on the swine flu. Notice what’s not recommended: avoiding pork products. Still, as a precautionary measure, I recommend converting to Islam. (Judaism, while getting credit for being early on the Trichinosis hysteria, is kind of played out.)


2 responses to “Continue To Eat Your Pork, Infidel

  1. a most oinkish situation

    pigs are always getting a bad rap.

    hardly ever appreciated for their” whimsical piggyness,” except for the storage of small change , they are mostly appreciated only after they are cooked, and then are immortalized by having diseases named after them.

  2. more unworthily oinkish treatment

    oh…..and the name of their burnt offerings has been given to describe government waste.

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