The Bacon Implosion

thats_all_folksThe U.S. National Pork Producers Council would like everyone to know that swine in all its forms remains delicious and safe to eat. Big Pork’s patsies at the USDA have taken notice. It is a remarkable virus indeed that finds the common ground between the American pork lobby and United Torah Judaism.

H1N1 flu notwithstanding, things aren’t looking good for the porcine advocate. The bacon backlash is justifiable and well underway. When was the beginning of the end? Bacon salt? The Bacon Explosion? Bacon-flavored cupcakes? The Book of Leviticus? I would argue that the pork belly, lacking subtlety, lends itself to exaggeration.


2 responses to “The Bacon Implosion

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  2. You take that back about the pork belly!

    The problem is not bacon itself, but a surfeit of goods that are derivative of bacon.

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