The Washington Post Gets a Food Blog.

By Ezra Klein

All We Can Eat went live today, and I’m pretty sure my contract with The Washington Post (I start there on May 18th) stipulates that I lavish it with praise. But I’d lavish it with praise even if I wasn’t going to work for the Post. It’s a good first day! In particular, IFA-profiler Jane Black catches a quick interview with Spike Mendelsohn in which he sorta-kinda admits that he’s mainly famous for wearing annoying hats:

Q: And now the most important question. In one episode, you are not wearing your trademark fedora. What gives?

A: It’s not the end of the fedora. It’s always going to follow me and always be there. I don’t wear a hat everywhere I go all the time. I’m a normal guy. I don’t have to rock a hat all the time. It doesn’t make me who I am. I’d rather have people say, “Oh, there’s Spike.” Not, “There’s the guy in the hat.”


One response to “The Washington Post Gets a Food Blog.

  1. I lost my train of thought.

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