Dumpster Dive.

By Ezra Klein

• Scientists have engineered a tomato that isn’t wet, which is, in turn, forcing me to reconsider the value of science.

Slate writes up the case for High Fructose Corn Syrup. It’s sort of the article Slate was created to run. The piece does a terrible job on the topic of subsidies, though.

• Adam Roberts — better known as the Amateur Gourmet — has a new food show. On the interwebs. I figured it would mainly be him twittering to other foodies, but it actually appears to involve cooking.

• Is a massive Confined Animal Feeding Operation — which is to say, an industrial pig farm — responsible for swine flu?


3 responses to “Dumpster Dive.

  1. The problem isn’t so much the HFCS in soft drinks, where everyone understands a sugar-like substance is present. The problem is its use as a preservative in places you aren’t expecting sugar, like bread and Worcestershire sauce.

  2. Midwest Product

    In deference to pork producers, please refrain from calling the current outbreak “swine flu.” The proper nomenclature, I believe, is Bacon Lung.

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