President, Vice President Clearly Read IFA

By Mandy Simon

Today President Obama and Vice President Biden took our advice and checked out Ray’s Hellburger in Arlington, Virginia. Here’s the really incredible part: They got there in five minutes. People who live around DC will tell you that sounds near impossible. I mean, physically impossible. Even without stop lights.

Sure, hanging out with dignitaries and making hugely important policy decisions sounds great but this is the part of the job of president I’m most jealous of. How often does this thought cross my mind: Man. Lunch is coming up. I’d kill for a burger from Ray’s. It would be great if I could get there so fast I’d be tempting a break in the space-time continuum.

You have to admit it’s pretty amazing to be able to order a motorcade to set a land speed record so you could get a burger (and I’m not talking about Obama – everyone knows it’s Joe who’s thugged out). But this is just another Tuesday at the White House.

I should mention that President Obama apparently ordered his burger “medium well.” The heated argument caused by this particular presidential decision on our IFA listserv put that whole “torture” debate to shame. There are rumors we’ll be posting that exchange. Stay tuned.


3 responses to “President, Vice President Clearly Read IFA

  1. Wincing…. Ordering a burger that cooked is defintely a no-no.

  2. I was in DC in January and Ray’s Hellburger’s was mentioned and I went one night. Its one of the few burger joints that actually lives up to the hype.

    I don’t see an issue with Obama ordering his medium well. Most burger joints seem to skew to the rare side making medium the equivalent of medium rare.

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