Rack of Lamb With Pesto Crust

By Matthew Yglesias


So I had this rack of lamb and I was going to roast it. But the problem with roast rack of lamb is that it’s incredibly delicious, and also super-easy. Well, okay, it’s not a huge “problem” but I felt the desire to somehow complify what I was doing. Thus, I took a two-pronged approach to making my dish more complicated. One prong involved trying to make a labor-intensive raspberry reduction sauce that, at the end of the day, wasn’t very good. One step in the process involved acquiring a box of raspberries and the best thing to do would have been to open the box and serve some raspberries. So forget that.

But the other thing I did was that I’d bought some pesto to eat for dinner the previous night, and used it to put a delicious crust on the lamb. Just take your lamb out of the fridge, hit it with your basic salt and pepper, and then spread a layer of pesto atop its formerly adorable (see above) flesh. Then roast away.

To be sure, this doesn’t actually add all that much life-affirming hard work and complexity. The answer, it seems clear enough, is to not just buy the Buitoni pesto at the supermarket but instead make your own pesto from the basil you’ve been growing. But it’s too early in the season to start harvesting my pesto just yet. But soon!


8 responses to “Rack of Lamb With Pesto Crust

  1. as a longtime vegetarian and animal lover, may i say, i LOVE the photo/blog post combo! hahaha! i can seriously imagine you thinking to yourself, “now, which one of these adorable lamb photos is really the adorablest [yeah, that’s a word] and therefore the perfect accompaniment to my post on lamb cookery?” reminds me of one of my fave movie scenes: from “PCU” when the main characters pelt the veg protesters with ground beef from the cafeteria.

  2. it was not a nice or funny thing to use that photograph.
    there is nothing funny in making a mockery of any beautiful or gentle creature.
    especially a baby.

    though you might have thought it to be a joke,
    it is not funny that lambs go through mulesing, where their skin and flesh are carved off of their backs without any painkillers….
    do you know that lambs hang their heads when they are isolated?
    that they become anxious and have increased heart rates when they cant see members of their flock, or when they are approached by strangers.

  3. Helena Montana

    I once served stewed rabbit for Easter dinner and my son’s girlfriend refused to attend. Ah well, there was more for the rest of us. My son loved it, by the way, and shortly after that, their relationship was over.

  4. I disagree, Not Funny, people need to confront what they eat. Look it in the eye, so to speak, if we are to expect any change in the treatment of animals. People need to take ownership and really understand what it is they do, before they can care. That photo, is step one.

  5. Not sure how much digging he did…this lamb pic is the #1 hit on google image search ‘lamb’

  6. disappointed


    “people need to confront what they eat.”

    this photograph was not used as a consciousness raising device.
    obviously, for many, that photograph makes no difference.
    that lamb was nothing more than meat on a plate,to illustrate the article.
    many look at a picture of a lamb, and it makes no
    difference to them.
    they are glad when other people are vegetarians, so it leaves more animals for them to eat.
    because there are readers here who are vegetarians, that was a very insensitive photograph to use.
    i doubt you would find a photo like that on an adjoining page for preparing meats in a fine cookbook.
    but, then, look what we did in airstrikes in afghanistan…..there is indiscriminate killing of all things at the hands of men and their leaders, so why should their kitchens be any different.

  7. These is cruel how can you look at a photo of an animal that can’t defend itself and talk about cooking it. I just barbaric think about what you ate and the cruel life and death it endured to you could eat lamb and how it was seperated from its mom.
    ps- “congrats on the photo you made yourself into even more of an animal by posting it.

  8. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Americans are too far removed from their food chain, which is why they can even dare to call a picture like this insensitive. Farmers for centuries have been hand picking animals (that often times probably felt like pets) from their own herds, flocks and coops and serving them for dinner. If you’re a vegetarian, then good for you, but don’t suppose your morally superior because of it.

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