The New Yogurt Place: Yogen Fruz

By Kay Steiger

by Flickr user Scarlet O.

by Flickr user Scarlet O.

Just when I thought D.C. was too small to handle another frozen yogurt joint, they opened one on the same city block as my office (on 14th and Eye NW across the street from the McPherson station). I was prepared to hate, but this place is pretty good, albeit sorta corporate. Yogen Fruz is owned by TCBY, and is apparently their a organic, all-natural brand. They actually import their yogurt from Canada because apparently you can’t buy the au naturale stuff here. Arielle at Wonkabout has the details about its reasonable price, but my favorite part was that you can actually get the fruit blended into the yogurt. That’s pretty awesome, giving the yogurt a natural flavor without getting too sweet.

The manager claimed to me that he had lost weight since eating the stuff a couple months ago, but I think that can’t be all thanks to the yogurt. I had a raspberry blended with raspberries on top. You can also get strawberry, banana, mango, and some other flavors. I still maintain that Mr. Yogoto is probably my favorite fro yo joint in the city, but there certainly could be worse things than a Yogen Fruz opening so close to my office.


3 responses to “The New Yogurt Place: Yogen Fruz

  1. The Yogen Fruz franchise has been in Canada for years – although I don’t think I’ve seen one in awhile, which makes me wonder if they still exist here.

  2. Yogen Fruz is not owned by TCBY, it is owned by the Serruya family it is a Canadian private company.

  3. Yogen Fruz exists in most major cities in Canada. There was one in the capital of Newfoundland until a few years ago. Their blueberry frozen yogurt is to die for. On a recent trip to Toronto I devoured a nostalgic tub of the stuff.

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