Me and Fruit: A Brief Update

by Sara Mead

A big “thank you” to everyone who offered my advice the other week on how to increase my fruit consumption. You will, I hope, be pleased to know that I am, indeed, eating more fruit (and, due in part to that and in part to the end of the seasonal candy season, less candy). What’s been working for me so far is going to Eastern Market or a nice supermarket on Sunday, buying some pineapple, cantaloupe, or berries, cutting those up on Sunday evening and putting them in tupperwares that I keep in my office refrigerator. So far, my purchases have kept me in fruit from Sunday through Wednesday. The later half of the week has been more of a problem, because I’ve been running out of fruit by mid-week and my schedule tends to be more chaotic later in the week.  So this week I’ve supplemented by pineapple purchase with apples, which should easily last until the end of the week without going bad–we’ll see if that gets me through the entire week with plenty of fruit. I’ve spent between 5 and 10 dollars each of the last two weeks on fruit, and should be able to keep the costs low through the summer and early fall due to the abundance of seasonal fruit.


4 responses to “Me and Fruit: A Brief Update

  1. I hate being the person who points this out because it’s nitpicky, but the plural of “Tupperware” is “Tupperware”.

    Also, if referring to the brand name it has a capital T. If you mean it generically, like “Kleenex” instead of “facial tissue” (who says “facial tissue”?), it can probably be lower case but I’m not actually sure about that.

  2. Would a second pineapple not last through to Wednesday? Even if refrigerated for part of that time? Berries, obviously, get weird quickly but melons and pineapples last OK for me.

    I also rely on apples for my fruit fix a lot of the time. When plain apples get boring I like to eat them with peanut butter or blue cheese. Or I’ll cut them up as part of a salad.

  3. garnet yamz and les fraises

    excellent news, candygirl!
    since you have a sweet tooth, may i suggest that you buy some garnet yams?
    they will last very nicely until the end of the week, and you can microwave them. they are as sweet as candy and very filling.
    they are really wonderful for breakfast. you will not be hungry at all during the morning and you will feel contented, since they are so sweet.
    and of course, very healthy for you.
    hope you are drinking more water too.
    maybe you were taking diet coke along with your jelly beans :-(
    unfortunately, without a midweek grocery hop, organic bananas may not last past thursday.
    but this is the perfect season to be falling in love with fruits….. nectarines and peaches from the farmer’s market will be ripening still by the middle of the week.
    glad you are eating better!:-)
    fruit makes you feel better too.

  4. Cardinal Fang

    What about oranges? Bananas?

    Fruit that’s in season tastes better and is cheaper. I don’t know where your fruit is from, but strawberries are in season in California right now. Then comes the stone fruit: first cherries and apricots, then peaches, plums and nectarines. Melons love the sun; they ripen in the hottest days of the year. Apples are ripe in the fall. Oranges and tangerines ripen around Christmas.

    Canned fruit is actually nutritious. Tastes good, too, because it’s picked ripe.

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