What are You Looking Forward to Eating this Memorial Day Weekend?

Memorial Day weekend starts this evening, and given the demographics of our readership, I’m guessing for a lot of people the long weekend means a full line up of parties, picnics, and cook-outs, all with a significant helping of both a.) food and b.) booze. That’s certainly going to be the case for the majority of us IFAers who are beach-bound this week, where we’re all going to sharing a massive house, Real World-style. (Outside party! Woo!) Of course, there will be cooking. And yes, there will be booze. And yes, you’ll probably have an opportunity to read about it this week and next.

So, here’s the question: What are you looking forward to eating and drinking this Memorial Day Weekend? (My answers below the fold)

*North Carolina-style pulled pork, courtesy of Kriston, with help from Wreck and Matt

*Strawberry Daquiris (my beach week specialty)

*Twizzlers (for some reason I associate them with the beach….)

*Whatever strikes my fancy at 3:00 AM


3 responses to “What are You Looking Forward to Eating this Memorial Day Weekend?

  1. I’m working on Monday and thus staying in Cambridge, but I am entertaining a few friends on Saturday.

    I’m going to braise some short ribs and serve them with horseradish and chives mashed potatoes… assuming I can find fresh horseradish at my local Stop and Shop(not optimistic there so probably they’ll be garlic mashed potatoes). I’ll also serve some Bittman no-knead bread I’m going to start tonight when I get home. I was going to do some collards or kale, but I don’t think I’m a good enough cook to manage all that at once yet without my head exploding… so I’m just having one of the attendees just bring a salad.

    Should be good. I’m really excited about the short ribs, which I’ve never had before.

  2. moderndomestic

    My boyfriend and I are driving to Ohio to watch my little brother graduate from Oberlin – with a double major in theater and playwriting, no less. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to get out of the city.

    Anyway, I plan on making some really nice sandwiches for the ride up – I want mine to have prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula on fresh french bread. I may spring for some really salty and addicting pita chips to eat in the car.

    I’m also looking forward to nice meals with my family- spent in nice company, or course. Those are the best kind of meals.


  3. simple pleasures

    ripe avocados,
    dipped in a little russian dressing
    with creole seasoning
    and some crusty bread!

    happy weekend!!!

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