About that Old Bay

by Sara Mead

Per all this, obvs. Ben Miller and Spencer are correct here. But you know where else Old Bay is a wonderful addition? A good Bloody Mary. Of course, a good Bloody Mary should have vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon or lime juice, Tabasco, either celery or olives (I prefer olives), and lots of ice. I know the inclusion of horseradish is highly contested. But I’d argue that it’s Old Bay that makes a Bloody Mary truly delightful. Even better if the rim of the glass is encrusted with Old Bay, in the manner of a Margarita with salt.


8 responses to “About that Old Bay

  1. French fries too!

  2. A proper Bloody Mary should have asparagus!

    And I really like adding a bit of Bacon Salt, too!

  3. I’m not sure if Old Bay is available on the Gulf Coast. Those of us around New Orleans use Tony Chachere’s, or some similar mix, in much the same way. Spicy fries = yes.

  4. P-Funk, you sure millerben wasn’t suggesting putting fries in your Bloody Mary?

    Old Bay works on hash browns as well.

  5. Long have I sought for a way to bring together fried potatoes and booze…

  6. A proper Bloody Mary should have asparagus!

    Oooh, I like this idea–is the asparagus raw, or slightly steamed and then chilled again (like you find on h’ors d’eorves trays and nice salad bars)?

  7. You must try boiling corn on the cob with Old Bay. Its really, really, incredible. I am only embarrassed to admit that this Maryland native learned this trick from her New Englander Aunt.

    Oh yes, and growing up in MoCo, in middle school we use to dip our fries in a combination of ketchup, ranch, and Old Bay.

  8. Dave Meyer

    Where has this horseradish debate taken place, and who are the blasphemers decrying the delicious root?

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