Oh Brother

TC-TobyYoungby Amanda Mattos

What’s that sound you just heard? It was a collective groan from The IFA upon learning that Toby Young will definitely be back as a judge on Top Chef next season. Our disdain for the unnecessarily snarky, unhelpful, uninsightful and just plain grating Brit is well documented in last season’s liveblogs. We may not agree on how to properly season our crabs (well, the sane among us can) or whether or not beans belong in chili, but we do all agree that that obnoxious ass has got to go.

The other news about next season is that it will take place in Las Vegas. Now taking bets on what the silliest product placement will be! I’ll go with a Lay’s sponsored episode about chips. Get it? Like gambling chips! Har har.

Art SmithOh, and, lest we ignore the more immediate Top Cheffery: don’t forget that next Wednesday Top Chef Masters starts. I’ll be pulling for Art Smith, since his DC restaurant Art & Soul is really great, he was super nice when I ate there (he came by my table and went and personally got me more sauce because he didn’t think I’d been given enough), and because Art & Soul’s crab & beer Wednesdays is what started this whole old bay kerfuffle in the first place. So: WOO! TEAM ART! Of course, you can depend on The IFA to discuss each episode ad nauseum.


3 responses to “Oh Brother

  1. Word to this, Amanda. I find Toby’s attempts at wit and humor so over-wrought and irritating.

  2. I really can’t believe Toby will be back. I just won’t believe it. It will ruin my morning.

  3. Where’s the discussion of Top Chef Masters? I watched it this morning and thought it was pretty great. Nice to see good cooking without manufactured-for-tv pissiness. The “twists” were silly, as always, but the chefs were cool about it. Maybe there will be people other than white men in future episodes, even.

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