Cook With the Republican Party of the Roaring Twenties!

By Matthew Yglesias

Dave Noon somehow unearthed Google Books’ copy of an extremely amusing 1922 volume titled The Stag Cookbook: Written for Men by Men, teaching the men of the roaring twenties how to cook without turning gay. One recipe offers Warren G. Harding’s waffles and over you can learn about Senator Reed Smoot’s peach cobbler recipie. And, yes, that’s Senator Smoot from the Smoot-Hawley tariff.


3 responses to “Cook With the Republican Party of the Roaring Twenties!

  1. Oh. my. (picking self up from floor)

    This is a hoot to read. I downloaded it so I could see if the recipes were as amusing as the introduction.

  2. in 1928, campbell's soup was 12 cents a can

    very dear!

    reading and collecting antique bookcooks and old magazines, can become an obsession. the fastest way to travel back through time, other than family albums.
    the advertisements are fascinating.

    i have a prized collection of “needlecraft” magazines from 1928 and 1929, and it is very interesting to me that there are advertisements in them for campbell’s soup, in identical cans, just like today… del monte fruits and vegetables, also with the same logos and cans, jello, calumet baking powder and pillsbury’s flour in a sack.
    these products have had real longevity.
    you could also buy a coal and wood range for $37 and “the latest porcelain enamel ranges”, described as, “bright~cheeerful~ as easy to clean as a china dish!” they started at $25…and there were large oil stoves for just $17
    the magazines are like stepping into a time machine!

  3. Warren harding also liked chipped beef on his waffles. Someone with necromancial urges bring him into a shambling unlife so he can try chicken on a waffle!

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