Spice Express

By Matthew Yglesias

spiceexpress 1

Given that I ran into Ezra at Spice Express (1025 Vermont Avenue NW) today at lunch, I think it’s safe to say that the IFA officially believes that Spice Express is a good place to go for a cheap Indian lunch. To be clear, the quality of the food here is not what you could get at Rasika or at a casual place in Jackson Heights or London or even Northern Virginia. But for a conveniently located takeout lunch in downtown DC, the two curries & rice for $6.99 is a great deal. I like the channa masala and the sometimes-offered spicy potatoes; I’ve heard people say good things about the okra, but I think okra’s gross.


4 responses to “Spice Express

  1. Yes! Spice Express was the subject of my blog’s first lunch-spot review, and it sounds like we reached similar conclusions. The vegetarian curries are pretty stellar, especially for being so cheap and convenient. I was slightly less impressed with the meats, but when the chana masala is that good, who needs meat?

  2. hey, i was there yesterday too. i go here a lot now that i’ve discovered it, and tend to get one chicken dish and one veg dish (the chickpeas are my favorite). especially good compared to going to one of the 6 billion Subways or grody buffet-by-the-pound places in the neighborhood.

  3. Great, another resto to add to my list for when I eventually visit New York. I don’t think I’d considered quick lunch spots but they’re ideal.

  4. Amen re okra. It’s nasty tasting and a pain to pick.

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