We Need To Talk

By Mandy Simon

Hey, IFA readers. Got a sec?

Ok. This is kind of difficult for me. Remember when I said this? Well, I’m just not sure I feel the same way anymore. I’ve been going out a lot more lately and trying some new things and, well, I just feel like I’m in a different place than I was then.

I guess it started a few months ago when I had the pappas arrugas at Jaleo. The ones with the mojo verde? Well, that mojo was really something. I know, I know. I was surprised, too. I had spent my whole life avoiding cilantro and here I was scraping the bowl clean.

I thought that’d be end of it, I really did. But it wasn’t.

Today I went to the burrito cart. Yeah, that one. And, sitting in an inconspicous squeeze bottle, there it was: some new homemade green concoction John’s been experimenting with. Curious, I tasted some. Then I tasted some more. Then I couldn’t stop. I didn’t even try. When I asked John what this new and fantastic sauce was made of…well, don’t make me say it.

I don’t know. I mean, people change right? Look, I’m not sure what all this means just yet but I thought I should come clean now before things go any further.


10 responses to “We Need To Talk

  1. It’s good to get it out and talk about it.

  2. i saw a ming tsai tv show recently where he paired cilantro and bacon. that show really made me reconsider the whole cilantro issue. it’s like when one of your old friends starts to date one of your old adversaries…one of two things is gonna happen, right? anyway, ming visited ted allen who wrapped a pork shoulder with bacon, cooked it for 4 hours, and then served it with a cold sauce of greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar and cilantro. damn. it’s been days since i made my own version and i still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it…

  3. Midwest Product

    ONE OF US!
    ONE OF US!

  4. Organic George

    Variety is the spice of life

  5. LizardBreath

    This might be a lifecycle thing. Up through my early 20’s, I couldn’t eat cilantro at all — it tasted exactly like dishwashing detergent. Sometime in my later 20’s, something changed — at first it tasted recognizably soapy, but not in a bad way (yes, that makes no sense to me either), and now that I’m nearing 40, I don’t taste soap at all.

  6. Traitor!!!!!

  7. When you can eat fresh pico de gallo (I use roma tomatoes, vidalia onions, serrano peppers and tons of cilantro) then you know you have reached cilantro nirvana. Apart from Thai soups it’s also a wonderful part of tortilla soup. I can’t forget banh mi! And cilantro pesto with sour cream is nice on a lot of different foods.

  8. It sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? I realized I actually like cilantro (up to a point) after noticing that two of the most addictive sandwiches (the already mentioned bahn mi, and this bacon and egg sandwich from a local restaurant) include it..

  9. Cilantro… cilantro?
    I am reading this and wondering what this “cilantro” is, this is a new one on me. So I look it up on Wikipedia and viola, it is – Coriander.
    When on earth did coriander become cilantro?

    That said, yes I like it, it’s a great garnish for the right dishes. But have met people that hate it too. Oh well, more for me :-)

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