The Young, The Hungry, And The Idiosyncratic

By Ezra Klein

The Washington City Paper just released their “Young and Hungry” list of the top 50 restaurants in the area. It’s really, uh, idiosyncratic. Makoto, the super-expensive Japanese place, is on there, but no Komi, no Restaurant Eve, no Minibar. Pete’s Apizza is there, but no Red Rocks, no Comet, no Two Amy’s. Zaytinya is on the list, but no Jaleo or Care Atlantico. There’s some suburban Thai and Vietnamese, but no Hong Kong Palace or China Star. COmmonwealth is on there, but Palena’s Cafe isn’t.

Which is all fair enough, I guess. This is just one guy, and he’s got his tastes. And it’s probably good to publish a list with places people may not know about. But it really seems like this rundown is missing most of DC’s beast eats.


3 responses to “The Young, The Hungry, And The Idiosyncratic

  1. beast eats


  2. um, Cafe Atlantico not Care Atlantico?

    I agree though, definitely an idiosyncratic list.

  3. This isn’t really “subjective”. More like ill-informed.

    Although, when I lived in DC, Makoto’s omakase was only $50, which I wouldn’t say is super-expensive.

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