Name My New Washington Post Food Column!

By Ezra Klein

Time for an announcement: As of July 1, I’ll be starting a biweekly column in The Washington Post’s food section. IFA readers will know about my side interest in the policy implications of things I put on my plate. This’ll be a place for me to explore all that. There might even be graphs!

But, like a real blogger, I find titling things to be terribly unpleasant. So with the permission of my kind editors in the Food section, we’re crowdsourcing it. We’re begging you to name the new column. So head over to All We Can Eat and give us some ideas. Winner will have, well, named a new column in The Washington Post.


13 responses to “Name My New Washington Post Food Column!

  1. “Other People Know Much More About This Than I: Let Them Write the Column Instead”

  2. OrganicGeorge

    How about White House Watch I understand that is not being used at the Post.

    They are off my bookmarks, so good luck to your new venture with a dying newspaper.

  3. spencerackerman

    The Tops.

  4. These pretzels are making me thirsty!

  5. congratulations.

  6. Munch
    Out to Lunch

    I seem to be running low on groan-worthy puns. Congrats on the new avenue for the hobby.

  7. Butter Than Ezra

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  9. Good luck, but I dropped WAPO when they dropped Froomkin.

  10. Swamp Chow
    Swamp Biscuit
    Swamp Eats

    (can you tell, it’s hot and humid today?)

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