The Magic Pizza Vending Machine?

This pizza is not from a vending machine.

This pizza is not from a vending machine.

By Ezra Klein

Arguably, I shouldn’t be expecting too much culinary authenticity from a pizza vending machine. But this vending machine is in Italy. My understanding is that putting, say, pineapple on a pizza in Italy is punishable by death, or at least by loud exclamations accompanied by energetic hand movements. Which is, of course, how it should be.

But back to the vending machine. “The machine does not just slip a frozen pizza into a microwave,” reports the New York Times. “It actually whips up flour, water, tomato sauce and fresh ingredients to produce a piping hot pizza in about three minutes.” Impressive! But…how?

I’ve made pizza a few times. I’ve made pizza a few different ways. But I’ve never encountered a pizza recipe where the dough didn’t require a substantial resting period. Peter Reinhart’s recipe, for instance, lets the dough sit overnight. Mark Bittman brings the speed with a quick two-hour rest. So how is this being accomplished without any resting at all? Is a chemical speeding the process? Is the dough being formed without yeast? Are the Italians making fun of us convenience-obsessed Americans by planting a hilarious story about a magic vending machine that makes pizza in under four minutes?


2 responses to “The Magic Pizza Vending Machine?

  1. While I’ve only just started experimenting with bread making by working my way through Reinhart’s book… so know almost nothing… it’s gotta be a “quick bread” crust, right? Leavened with baking powder instead of yeast.

  2. Joshua Lyle

    Two hours is bringing the speed? I’ve gotten it down to forty minutes from zero to oven with an extra dose of yeast and sugar and a tot of gluten flour in the mix. Admittedly, I had to use a rolling pin to shape the pie, but it still had a pretty good texture, although not of the sublime quality one would expect from a properly rested dough.

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