Food Is A Human Right

By Spencer Ackerman

This is a video of my friend and blogmother Jane unleashing fury upon an ignorant rightwinger. Somehow Jane’s interlocutor thought a surefire way to discredit the contention that health care is a basic human right would be to call it as absurd as the contention that food is a basic human right. ThinkProgress’s Matt Corley beat me to reminding her that the right to food is enshrined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It remains alarming and distressing that there are those in this country who will never go hungry and who find it impossible to recognize that for the privilege it is.


3 responses to “Food Is A Human Right

  1. i feel like you guys are giving her a pass by acting like if it wasn’t codified in the UDHR, then it wouldn’t be a human right. IT’S A TOTALLY RIDICULOUS THING TO SAY. like, OF COURSE food should be a basic human right. how crazy does someone have to be to think otherwise?

  2. Sure, but Article 25 rights exist in tension with Article 17 rights. I’m fully in favor of recognizing a right to health care that entails no right to violate other people’s right to own property.

    On the other hand, I hesitate to endorse any statement of rights that includes a “right” to be compelled to take part in education against one’s will.

  3. This is the second time this week someone has had the cojones to ask the obvious: Do these wingnuts have any pride/shame? (Krugman was the first, wondering about the WSJ editorial page’s insane asylum — what do they really believe?) They will say anything they are paid to say. As always, I walk away wishing I could have the health insurance she’s having.

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