Drink Me!

DSCF0002by Sara Mead

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I met up in a bar/coffee shop around 4:30. It was an open question whether we were going to have coffee or drinks–but that question was answered when I saw what the bartender was making. He was mashing blueberries with a pestle in a glass, to which he then added a slice of lemon, two packets of Domino sugar, and mashed again before adding a shot of Grey Goose, and a touch of sprite.

“I want that,” I told the waitress, who responded with a pained look.

“That’s not a real drink. It’s just something he made up just now.” 

“I don’t care. I want that.” She left and conferred with him for a few minutes before returning and agreeing to serve us the drink.

It was delicious. 

So much so, in fact, that I decided to try making it myself, at home. Here’s a picture.


2 responses to “Drink Me!

  1. Messy. If you use lemon-infused vodka, blueberry juice (or juice and strain some fresh berries), and simple syrup then the drink won’t be all cloudy and pulpy.

  2. mead for ms mead

    isnt that the the wrong libation for you?
    here is a library of mead recipes….
    even one for lavender mead!

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