By Matthew Yglesias

I was at the supermarket the other day looking to try some new fruit, and I picked up some pluots. The first one I ate didn’t agree with me, and I considered writing a post furiously denouncing the whole thing. Then I thought the better of it. Can’t judge a fruit by one specimen. Later, I ate some more. These are good! Then for the past 36 hours I’ve been paralyzed by a simultaneous desire to write an IFA post about pluots and a lack of anything very interesting to say about them.

So instead, a query. How do you say this word, “pluot”? Is it ploo-oht? Ploo-aht? Ploot?


10 responses to “Pluot!

  1. /ˈpluˌɑt/, silly.

  2. Aaron Bergman

    There are about a zillion varieties of pluots with generally different tastes and textures. And then there’s the apriums, and plumcots and probably others.

  3. Wait, how is a plumcot different from a pluot?

  4. As a former produce clerk I always heard it called Ploo-aht

  5. Well, think “plum” + “apricot”, then adjust for the fact that it doesn’t sound right to say “PLUH-AHT”, and you’re left with “PLOO-AHT”

  6. @fumphis: They’re just a different hybrid, sitting at a different position on the sweet/tart, big/little, purple/orange axes.

  7. Links to descriptions are here.

  8. I work for a family that grows a great deal of pluots. There is actually a somewhat voluntary name change taking place from pluot to plumcot. The word “pluot” is actually a registered trademark that belongs to the original breeder of the plum/apricot hybrid, Floyd Zaiger. Many other breeders have since developed similar hybrids but cannot legally call them pluots. Because we grow varieties from many different breeders, we (and other growers) have decided to start calling them “plumcots.” It solves the trademark issue and we believe is a much more consumer friendly and intuitive name. One writer was correct in saying that there are many different varieties and each one looks and tastes a little different. Whether you find them marked as pluots or plumcots, give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

  9. Paul in Cleveland

    I have recently discovered Pluots/Plumcots at a locally owned grocery chain here, Heinens. I’m hooked! They’re delicious, combining a complex fruitiness with amazing sweetness. Biting through the smooth skin you are suddenly rewarded with this juicy, sweet flesh that immediately reminds you why you love fresh fruit!

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