Fair and Balanced Breakfast: July 27, 2009

by Kriston Capps

Photo by Flickr user JaBB

Photo by Flickr user JaBB

  • Via the twitters this morning, proposed budget cuts in the District will slash funding for safety net services—cuts that will increase hunger among low-income residents. See more and sign a petition here.
  • I like about any beverage from a Mason jar because I was raised drinking from those. But the “Southern drinks” served in Mason jars at Eatonville strike me as hokey, not comfy. Probably it’s the chic decor, which doesn’t resemble my notion of Southern decadence. But I think Eatonville could pull it off with a lighter touch—serving just the sweet tea in Masons, say. After all, it’s not like a nice place in the South is going to serve you a highball in a handled jar. The whole thing sounds like a spoof, not just of the South but how restaurants are conceived: What would you say to me if I told you I was going to theme a restaurant around Light in August? That’s Southern. Tom Sietsema reviews Eatonville for the Washington Post; be sure to read Tim Carman’s cover story on the silly cheftestant search for the chef behind Eatonville.
  • I do like the patio and the fact that everyone sits outside.

  • Mark Bittman has discovered the cobbler.
  • Everyone’s gone pie crazy, not just Bittman. Michael Ruhlman tells NPR to forget everything you ever knew about baking and think ratios, man; in Boston they’re talking oil pie crusts. The Boston Globe has constructed a quiz to help you choose the crust that’s right for you.
  • Morso in Georgetown will open in September with Ed Witt serving Mediterranean with a Turkish bent, says Amanda.

2 responses to “Fair and Balanced Breakfast: July 27, 2009

  1. And yet people who know anything about baking already think about ratios, man. They have a word for it, even.

  2. In my experience, when one is drinking from Mason (or Bell) jars, there is no handle on it!

    When fake Mason jars with handles are on sale at Target, the trend has probably gone awry.

    Well, that was pretty snobby. I’m sorry Target! I love you!

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