Fair and Balanced Breakfast: July 28, 2009

by Flickr user hazlehazle

by Flickr user hazlehazle

  • LA seems like the wrong city to launch a food truck consulting business in. See just below the post about the new consultancy from Kogi/RoadStoves: a post about new food trucks opening. Elina Shatkin made a list of her twenty-two favorite food trucks. People in LA have food trucks figured out!
  • The Alabama Beverage Control Board declared the Cycles Gladiator art nouveau wine label pornographic. You can buy wine in Alabama?!
  • Organic farmers and grocery retailers are turning to private-label organics to attract budget-conscious consumers. There’s Whole Foods’ 365 line and almost everything Trader Joe’s sells, but it isn’t a true grocery trend if Wal-Mart isn’t doing it.
  • This extremely long movie review suggests that Julie & Julia is all about how young people don’t have hot sex like people in Nora Ephron’s generation did. Take that, young people! Then the review glosses over the hottest part of Julia Child’s relationship: She and her husband met while they were both spies, not when he alone was a “diplomat.”

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