Michael Savage Vaguely Resembles A Human Being For Brief Moment

By Spencer Ackerman

The oddest part of a ceaselessly odd New Yorker account of the loathsome radio host’s program is this digression:

I ate too much radicchio last night, which is so acidic I’ll never eat it again. Can they serve me lettuce? Why do I have to eat—everything’s a trick! When I grew up, it was vinegar—now everything’s a trick! Vinegar, it’s now five thousand dollars a bottle, like wine. Why does everything have to be special? You asked for a cup of coffee, you got coffee in my day, now it’s fifty different varieties, the same garbage with different prices. Mochiato, macciato, lackamatta, Lackawanna, choo choo.

Those restaurants are trying to trick me! I don’t want any of this flavorful crap! I want my regular red-wine vinegar! And not too acidic!

I guess it’s just refreshing to hear him say something curmudgeonly instead of straight-up racist.


2 responses to “Michael Savage Vaguely Resembles A Human Being For Brief Moment

  1. Savage’s entire deal is that if he can’t understand it than it must be a conspiracy and he (and his listeners) are being oppressed. He milks the victim angle very well.

    On another Savage food angle – his son is the founder and CEO of Rockstar, Inc. – the energy drink manufacturer.

  2. Supposedly that’s why ‘normal’ people like Savage. He thinks his fans care about the food he eats. Personally I find him disgusting…

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