Meet the Pretzel

by Tom Lee

There’s a lot to see at the Food and Wine Festival, but of course it’s all just a small subset of the larger culinary offerings here in Atlantic City.  As it happens, as soon as we step off the elevator from our room we find ourselves facing a food outlet that’s of particular interest to Emily.


(Apologies for the terrible camerawork; I was still figuring out the (totally cool) Qik iPhone application. Here’s a link to the behind-the-scenes pretzel video Emily mentions in the video.)

The verdict on the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory? Well, it’s good. This is what the ubiquitous, just-acceptable Super Pretzel hopes to grow up to become. Which is to say: not too much of a crust, doughy, occasionally oversalted.

But it’s still a little weird. Every time I take a first bite I find myself wondering if they aren’t employing the same beef tallow trickery that McDonald’s fries were busted for using. But the salt soon overwhelms that sensation, and the concern fades from memory. So: definitely good. But it’s still no competition for a hot pretzel from the Center City factory* at 1 in the morning.

* located in South Philly, as is entirely logical


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