Absolute Thai

By Matthew Yglesias

absolute_thai_open 1

DC’s Chinatown is full of restaurants, few of them good, and even fewer of them Chinese. Over the weekend I took the opportunity to try out a relatively new entry onto the scene, Absolute Thai at 521 G Street. Befitting its location, you don’t get the mad hustle and bustle of 7th Street establishments. One section of the menu promises “authentic” Thai recipes by which they seem to mean the exact same pad thai and pad prik king that adorn the menu of all Thai restaurants in the United States. But then again for all I know those actually are authentic Thai dishes.

My friend and I, however, went for the more off-the-beaten-path offerings listed under “specialties.” The crispy duck was quite good, the other two things we had unremarkable. But a mediocre Thai restaurant across the street from the movie theater and the Verizon Center seems like the kind of establishment I could consider myself revisiting.


3 responses to “Absolute Thai

  1. I recently spent a couple weeks in Thailand, and they made pad thai even in the non-touristy areas of Bangkok, so I would guess that pad thai is legitimate thai food. It didn’t seem especially different from how it was made in the US…

  2. I’ve tried Absolute Thai a couple of times. It’s a little more expensive than the other Thai places in the neighborhood, and the service is extremely friendly (too much so…how many times do you have to be asked if everything’s alright?), but also extremely slow.

    It’s tasty, though. Both times I’ve been there, I thought the dishes I got were notably better than at other Thai places.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Absolute Thai can make a go of it. That space has seen a number of businesses come and go in rapid succession the past few years.

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