Serbian Plum Brandy Will Get You Stunningly Fit-Shaced

By Spencer Ackerman

See this bottle? This is the face of pure Southeastern European pain.

Mandy had some people over to grill yesterday. One of her co-workers, a gregarious fellow of Serbian origins, brought along a traditional tipple. Shots were poured and offered to your grillmaster. Ah, I figured. It’s brandy. Brandy’s more wine than liquor, yeah? What’s to be afraid of?

Hours later, the shot glasses were abandoned and the bottle was instead passed around. I’ve never tasted a brandy before, but I’d be surprised if all brandies are as cloying or as rubbing-alcohol powerful as this. Every glug caused pain. Not since I was a juvenile delinquent drinking King Cobra with members of my band can I recall being this affected by a drink. This morning I saw that under the influence of Slivovitz I blogged something that I cannot recall writing.


7 responses to “Serbian Plum Brandy Will Get You Stunningly Fit-Shaced

  1. Nearly every Balkan culture has its own version of, essentially, the same thing. Having lived for a time in Budapest, I well acquainted with szilva palinka (silva and sliva come from the slavic root ‘slivka’ or plum) which is the Hungarian variant. While I had it often at the local bars, I was more intrigued by the home-brewed stuff, which every provincial family makes. Fiery stuff, with none of the sweetness you might expect!

  2. No joke… That stuff kicked my ass.

  3. It’s called the “SILV” and if we were friends I’d invite you for when we have SLIV parties (you’re sort of required to emphasize the word when speaking as if it’s capitalized). Mostly, these parties involve eating perogies, various pickled foods, beet salad, and babka, while trying to get someone to eat the herring. My Grandmother says we came to the US so we could leave this stuff behind) and drinking LOTS of SLIV.
    Good times.
    But, yes, it tastes like burning.

  4. The best food for it is pickled cabbage with paprika seasoning
    but it goes well with the beer too

  5. Um, I know it’s been a while but back in the 1970s a roommate came back from somewhere on the edge of eastern Europe with plum brandy that, while fairly sweet, aromatic, and flavorful was 190 proof. He said that sort of thing was pretty common there. You sort of want to be careful around open flames if you’re drinking it straight up.


  6. melissamccart

    Ask Tom Brown at Cork or Adam Bernbach for a slivovitz cocktail. I’m fairly certain they’ll both have it behind the bar.

  7. Ljubica Todorovic

    Haha yep… I was drinkin this stuff as a baby! I shit you not! It “cures everything”. Also my mom would soak a cold rag in rakija and like put it on my feet when I had a fever. It works like a charm!

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