Get Yourself to the Wharf

by Amanda Mattos

2009_crabfeastThe IFA’s love of DC’s fish market is well covered throughout our pages. But I had to share something while we’re potentially in some window: the crabs I got from Captain White’s this weekend (the vendor at the end of the market) were the best I’ve ever had. Truly. We got a half bushel of extra larges for $80. They were huge, heavy, meaty, perfectly flavored and textured, not at all water logged. Crab perfection. As good as the crabs Ben Miller and I picked up from Jessie’s earlier this summer were, these were leaps and bounds better. I recommend that you get while the getting’s good; these were seriously superior to anything I’ve had in my life — and I grew up in the mid Atlantic.

Also, if you have any leftover, meticulously picked meat, I recommend making a salad with as many different colors heirloom tomatoes you can find, a couple handfuls of ripped up basil, the juice of a lemon, a spoonful of capers, a little bit of salt and a drizzle of good olive oil. It’s as pretty as it is delicious and light.


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