Fair and Balanced Breakfast: August 14, 2009

by Kriston Capps


  • Behold! The Mega-Egg from McDonald’s Japan: “Quivering with mega deliciousness.” (courtesy)
  • Whole Foods plus school lunches is a food fight in the making.
  • What wine did Sonia Sotomayor buy to celebrate her confirmation?
  • One thing’s certain: Comet is really far from where most of Washingtonian‘s readers live.
  • Felix Salmon on the Gray Lady’s Wine Club. Free monocle with subscription!
  • Top Tomato results are in; the winning recipe was a vertical salad.
  • Craft LA chef de cuisine Matthew Accarrino is heading to SF to take the top spot at SPQR.
  • Lead soil concentration in the White House garden (at 93 ppm) was well below the rather generous standard set by the U.S. (400 ppm) but it’s nevertheless good to know that the Obamas aren’t taking any chances. Consider how much it would suck to garden (or play outside) in New Orleans, where median lead-soil concentrations are 300 to 1,200 ppm.

4 responses to “Fair and Balanced Breakfast: August 14, 2009

  1. is that supposed to be an onion on top?
    it looks like a little styrofoam circlet from a florist’s supply outlet.

  2. Nah, that’s the egg. Obviously you’ve not had an Egg McMuffin recently.

  3. that disk-shaped thing under the topmost sesame bun is an……….egg??

  4. crap. I just moved to New Orleans AND started a little garden in my back yard.

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