Cherry Tomato Cobbler Fail

Picture by Erika Kerekes.

Picture by Erika Kerekes.

By Ezra Klein

It seemed like a good idea. Thr cherry tomatoes are gorgeous right now. And I’d already made a tomato and avovoado salad, and tomato-bread, and toast topped with broiled tomato-and-eggs, and most everything else I could think to do with tomatoes. So a cherry tomato cobbler it was.


The recipe seemed good. The biscuit topping, in particular, was delicious. The sharp kick of gruyere, along with some basil and chives, made for a wonderfully savory biscuit. But the cherry tomatoes cooked down to something that tasted a lot more like cherry than tomato. In part, that was my fault. I stacked the deck with the orange tomatoes I so love to snack on. Their natural sweetness makes them great to eat like berries. But poor to eat in a cobbler.

Even so, I’m not willing to give up on this recipe. I’m sure there’s a good version of this savory cobbler out there. Anyone know of it?


10 responses to “Cherry Tomato Cobbler Fail

  1. I’ve made this and it was pretty great:

    Not a cobbler but a great way to bake cherry tomatoes.

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  3. amandamattos

    I made a tomato and goat cheese tart once that was fantastic. Again, not cobbler, but if you’re looking to bake tomatoes in some sort of crust, it works. I just made a standard tart crust but cut the sugar way back, slathered on a layer of goat cheese, topped with salted tomatoes and thyme, and folded the crust around top. It was great.

  4. I’d also recommend a cherry tomato clafouti. cut the sugar from a normal clafouti, amp the salt and add basil or coriander or parsley. You can top with toasted pinenuts. Or drizzle with pesto. Sprinkle on some feta.

  5. Have you considered green tomatoes? The tartness might balance the cooked down sweetness.

  6. Katie’s on the right track; use some (red) cherry tomatoes that are still a bit orange, and some ripe red cherry tomatoes. Don’t use yellow/orange tomatoes–they don’t have enough acid.

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  8. Ezra, I am so sorry my recipe didn’t work for you. I used mostly red grape tomatoes and plain red cherry tomatoes from my garden, and I think it worked because the grape tomatoes in particular were pretty tart. If you’re going to use really sweet tomatoes (next summer, I assume), maybe add a squeeze of lemon juice to keep the brightness?

    At least you liked the biscuit topping!

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