Fair and Balanced Breakfast: August 17, 2009

by Kriston Capps

by Flickr user peasap

by Flickr user peasap

  • The NYT subs plums for tomatoes to make a BLP sandwich in light of the tomato blight—evidence of which I’m not seeing at the market, I have to say. Meanwhile, the West Coast laughs.
  • Anti-inflammatory eating. I’m skeptical, but I’m willing to eat some sour cherries—for science, you see.
  • With 130 votes, the Bloomingdale Farmers’ Market has been named one of the best small markets in the nation. WTOP (and several others) have picked up on the story. Much as I love this market, I assure you that this vote is the result of Bloomingdale Whimsy.
  • Barely legal food! But it’s an incomplete list at best. See Tony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson on the subject.
  • The Associated Press reports that California lawmakers are planning to address water-use reform, now that the state budget is all tidied up.
  • Marion Nestle writes in the San Francisco Chronicle that where schools serve more nutritious meals, “[t]eachers . . . swear that the kids behave and learn better, do not bounce off the walls after lunch, and show fewer signs of eating disorders.” I’m willing to believe this and betting that you can attribute the difference to factors of which better school lunch is also a consequence.

2 responses to “Fair and Balanced Breakfast: August 17, 2009

  1. You’re not seeing the evidence of the late blight because there are still plenty of hothouse tomatoes to go around – what’s missing are the field-grown variety…

  2. Look at that glorious breakfast

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